GROW@BU is about enabling students to reach their full potential, academically, socially and personally. Succeeding at University is not just about gaining a degree; it is about becoming independent and active participants of all that BU has to offer. University is and should be challenging, but we recognise that many students will benefit from some extra direction and help in finding resources and opportunities to consider how best to reach their potential.

This is where GROW@BUcomes in, incorporating a wide range of existing developmental opportunities and mechanisms from across the university into a coherent whole. It also encourages independence and resilience through underpinning staff and student interactions with coaching behaviours.

On this blog you will be able to find a range of interesting and relevant articles that we hope will help you to get the most out of their time at BU.

This page will continually be updated and we are keen to get your feedback on what you find useful and what else we can do to support you. Please email your comments or feedback to